Speaking Out Against Transactivist Silencing Tactics

The links below are well-written analyses & criticisms of transactivist silencing tactics. Enjoy!

‘You Are Killing Me’ – On Hate Speech and Feminist Silencing by Jane Claire Jones

The Function of Transphobia by Women of the Patriarchy

The Spiral of Silence in Trans Activism by New Narratives 2014

Ideological Totalism and Trans/Gender Theory as “Cult” by Rejecting the Gender Cult

The Advocate: Anti-Hate, Pro-Stupidity by Pathetic Fallacies



A relevant quote about the silencing of women in general:

Consider how many female celebrities of classical mythology, literature and cult make themselves objectionable by the way they use their voice.

For example there is the heartchilling groan of the Gorgon, whose name is derived from a Sanskrit word garg meaning “a guttural animal howl that issues as a great wind from the back of the throat through a hugely distended mouth.”
There are the Furies whose highpitched and horrendous voices are compared by Aiskhylos to howling dogs or sounds of people being tortured in hell.
There is the deadly voice of the Sirens and the dangerous ventriloquism of Helen and the incredible babbling of Kassandra and the fearsome hullabaloo of Artemis as she charges through the woods.
There is the seductive discourse of Aphrodite which is so concrete an aspect of her power that she can wear it on her belt as a physical object or lend it to other women.
There is the old woman of Eleusinian legend Iambe who shrieks and throws her skirt up over her head to expose her genitalia.
There is the haunting garrulity of the nymph Echo (daughter of Iambe in Athenian legend) who is described by Sophokles as “the girl with no door on her mouth.”

Putting a door on the female mouth has been an important project of patriarchal culture from antiquity to present day. Its chief tactic is an ideological association of female sound with monstrosity, disorder and death.

– from “The Gender of Sound” by Anne Carson