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  1. Psychotherapist Rita Powers murdered by her patient, a transwoman, because Powers didn’t think he was an appropriate candidate for sex reassignment surgery
    Note, in the link, that the transgender community blamed Powers for being murdered, saying that if she had just given her patient what he wanted, she would still be alive. In other words, ‘she asked for it.’ Sound familiar?



  1. Cheryl Partsch punched in teeth for questioning cross-dressing man in women’s restroom.
    His punch cost her $60K in medical bills. Note that Patrick doesn’t identify as a woman, but still punched Cheryl in the teeth for being concerned about his presence in the women’s restroom, and called her questioning a “hate crime.”
  2. Feminists assaulted in Transgender Attack at Portland conference for Social Change
  3. Violent Zoey Tur grabs panelist by the neck and threatens to send him “home in an ambulance” live on the air
    The panelist’s crime? Mentioning biology.
  4. UK trans athlete Lauren Jeska, attempts to murder an official and attacks two other officials from British Athletics for reviewing the medals won while competing as a woman.  Lauren Jeska is male.
  5. A minor female was assaulted by a transgender named Dakota Kern, apparently because she called him “dude.”  Read about the story at GenderTrender.
  6. Transactivist punches Mia Mac in face and neck, and breaks her camera, at Speakers Corner in London. Action for Trans Health London defended and excused the actions of the transactivist assailant. [See video further down the Masterpost ↓↓↓]  More info and screenshots can be found here.
  7. A lesbian was jumped by a gang of transactivists outside of a gay bar. Her assailants then proceeded to brag about it on Twitter.
  8. A female attendee of The New Misogyny in Seattle, Washington was pushed by a transactivist. The crowd then proceeded to scream at her and flip her off.



  1. Rochester Radio Hosts Fired After making transgender jokes
  2. General fired from academic post over transgender bathroom joke
  3. Gavin McInnes fired for thought catalog post, “Transphobia is Perfectly Natural”
  4. Daycare workers fired for ‘misgendering’ confused student
  5. ESPN fires Curt Schilling for sharing a ‘transphobic’ meme
  6. Transactivists attempt to fire Meghan Murphy for writing about Laverne Cox
  7. Transwoman & business owner Janelle Bahan threatens to fire any woman who might be a feminist
  8. Woman’s Planet Fitness Membership cancelled for concern over transwoman in locker room
  9. Transactivist attempts to fire ‘transphobe’ Elizabeth Hungerford for her Open Letter to Smith College
    Worthy of note: The same transactivist is now trans-critical, has since apologized, and now experiences abuse from the trans community.
  10. Vassar College transactivist students attempt to fire Professor
  11. New York City enacts $$$ 6-figure fine for “misgendering”*
  12. Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduces bill that punishes “misgendering” with up to two years in prison*
    * Challenge for transactivists: can you find any comparable punishments for people who call women bitches, sluts, cunts or whores? Hell, most rapists don’t even face consequences this severe for raping people.
  13. YMCA fires rape victim for expressing fear of being raped in gender neutral bathrooms
  14. Georgia ACLU leader Maya Dillard Smith pressured to resign after asking too many questions about transgender bathroom bill
  15. Transactivists violently harass, deplatform and attempt to fire Ruth Barrett
    Because she signed a petition and had an opinion about MichFest. How dare she!
  16. Macy’s fires Catholic employee for disagreeing with transgender bathroom policy
    The policy was never made known to him, and he promised to uphold the policy, but they still fired him.
  17. Renee Gerlich is banned from a community book market and subsequently lost her job and was the target of a bullying pact launched against her by a trans spokesperson from the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective.
  18. Transactivists attempt to fire Jenni Murray for her no-nonsense remarks on trans women.
  19. Professor Jordan Peterson at University of Toronto is denied grant funding after speaking out against Bill C-16.
  20. Two women are kicked out of a women’s homeless shelter for voicing concerns over being forced to share a room with a trans identified male.
  21. inTRANSitive is petitioning to have Gladys Tiffany, Executive Director of OMNI resign for refusing to validate trans ideology.
  22. It’s rumoured that Martha Harvey is being asked to step down from the Pride Center of the Capital Region.  She already apologised for posting this article.
  23. Co-host of a progressive radio show called Bread and Roses Radio was suspended and eventually pressured to resign for airing radical feminist critique on trans ideology.  Prior to the forced resignation, Ruth Barrett was also given a platform on this show to talk about female erasure.  The “offending” show can be heard here.
  24. The Company House, an entertainment venue in Halifax, Canada has closed because the owner and her family have been threatened and harassed by transactivists.
  25. In 2016, the BC Federation of Labour supported a policy blacklisting Canada’s longest standing rape crisis centre, Vancouver Rape Relief, aiming to defund VRR for being “trans* exclusionary.”
  26. Labour Party executive committee resigned in support of Anne Ruzylo, women’s officer who was allegedly harassed for months by transactivists.
  27. Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant, a feminist restaurant and bookstore run by lesbians is threatened, negatively reviewed and trolled on social media by transactivists.
  28. Thistle Pettersen loses her regular booking due to pressure from transactivists. See also here:  PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4.
  29. Posie Parker, aka Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is waiting to hear if she will be charged for tweeting gender critical sentiments after being questioned for over 40 minutes by the police.
  30. Heather Brunskill Evans is fired from the Women’s Equality Party for being transphobic.  More here. 



BOLD links = this person has been deplatformed repeatedly
(Meaning, this list is longer than it looks.)

  1. Derrick Jensen disinvited from Oregon State University over “transphobia” (Response) as well as being deplatformed at Appalachian State.
  2. Lawrence University invokes last minute BAN on Earth Day Keynote Speaker Lierre Keith due to her Feminist views on Gender
  3. Rachel Ivey of Deep Green Resistance “End of Gender” presentation cancelled at Bluestockings…   …and at Unitarian Church of Philadelphia 
  4. Julie Bindel repeatedly deplatformed for her gender-critical views
  5. Lesbian activist stripped of Grand Marshall honors over “transphobic” Facebook posts
  6. Cindy Sheehan talks about being targeted by “trans bullies”
  7. Glosswitch commissiond, then un-commissioned, to write for feminist site
    even though she was initially told she could write “ANYTHING”
  8. Janet Mock and followers target GenderTrender blog, shut it down & suspend blogger
  9. Campus “Vagina Monologues” cancelled for being about vaginas (which is “exclusive” to transwomen)
  10. Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded” removed from website for “insensitive” trans-critical remarks
  11. New York Times transgender/gay rights debate features 2 transwomen, 4 gay males, but NO women or lesbians
  12. Christine Benvenuto essay removed, AND bookshop event cancelled, after petition & harassment by her transwoman ex-spouse
  13. Bev Jo disinvited from Butch Voices by transwoman
  14. Iconic Michigan Women’s Music Festival ends after long fight over trans-inclusivity
    Organizers were threatened for years by transacitivists for having a female-only vision of the festival
  15. Vulva Cupcake event called “violent” – transactivists attempt to cancel it
  16. Woman’s Bruce Jenner rant deleted by YouTube
  17. Iconic feminist Carol Adams targeted by “transphobia” misinformation/deplatforming campaign
    No evidence of her alleged transphobia was ever provided by her accusers.
  18. PantheaCon female-only spiritual rites infiltrated by transactivists
    Sex-specific events are no longer allowed at PantheaCon — not even traditional rites based on exclusively female experiences such as menstruation, which have always been deeply revered in many Pagan traditions
  19. Kate Smurthwaite’s comedy show cancelled for “transphobia”
    even though she’s demonstrably supportive of trans people
  20. Female Erasure Book faces pre-emptive attacks
  21. Royal College of Psychiatrists Transgender Conference cancelled after trans complaints
  22. Cardiff University cancels Germaine Greer lecture after trans-critical remarks
  23. Sheila Jeffreys targeted by “transphobia” de-platforming campaign
  24. Jeremy Clarkson Amazon Show cancelled for trans-critical remarks
  25. Potentially $568 million in economic damages, countless event cancellations, and corporate withdrawals and in North Carolina following HB2 decision
  26. Everyday Feminism pulls article by Alice Dreger about sex ed; cites disagreement about ‘trans issues’
  27. For Books’ Sake takes down, apologizes for, sharing FeministCurrent articlecalls it transphobic but does not explain how it’s transphobic
  28. Ruth Greenberg denied venue for lesbian-focused, trans-inclusive event based on year-old “transphobic” tweet
  29. Thistle Pettersen banned from the community radio station, WORT 89.9 FM, AND she was also prevented from organizing a yearly women-focused music & arts festival in Madison, WI due to accusations of ‘transphobia’.
    Please take the time to read this one, if you can: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4.
  30. Professor tells student she is not allowed to share trans-critical views during class discussions
  31. Twitter bot corrects tweets that “misgender” Caitlyn Jenner
  32. Vancouver Women’s Library harassed and threatened for having “TERF” and “SWERF” literature in their catalogue.
    This is despite the fact that the library is trans-inclusive. According to this Guerrilla Feminist Collective post, transactivists have also assaulted a library visitor and stolen the library’s sign.
    Support the VWL by donating and signing this petition!
  33. Thistle Pettersen has again been silenced and pressured to not perform at an event she started organizing.
  34. Rhéa Jean, author and PhD, was accused of transphobia and censored from speaking at a seminar on the transgender movement.   The seminar was cancelled.
  35. Meghan Murphy has a post she wrote for rabble arguing against Planned Parenthood’s dehumanizing use of the word ‘menstruators’ to describe women censored without notice or explanation. When pressed, she finally got a response claiming the post includes ‘transphobic language.’ To date no one has explained exactly what that ‘transphobic language’ was. She quit in protest.
  36. Nina Paley has been blocked and banned from Facebook for sharing her critical views on the trans ideology.  She has also been disinvited from a paid speaking gig.
  37. The Fayetteville Goddess Festival has ironically cancelled a lesbian event on the erasure of lesbians due to transactivists complaining it was exclusive.
  38. Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy has issued an apology for publishing an article titled “In Defense of Transracialism” by Rebecca Tuvel after pressure from trans activists.  There is also an open letter claiming that the article is harmful. For more information click here.
  39. The Left Forum cancelled a panel for their upcoming event.  The Panel was called “Misery For Profit/Who is Funding the Transgender Movement and the Impact on LGB.”  The Left Forum issued an apology on their Facebook page, but refuses to acknowledge they are silencing women.
  40. Tasha Rose announced her candidacy for Saint Paul Public Schools Board of Education and was silenced then shut down by transactivists. Read more at her Facebook page.
  41. Centering Women and The Critical Feminist are shut down on Facebook, while many women are banned and having posts removed for using the word, “dyke.” 
  42. The Untameable Shrews, an Australian based street art collective, has had their public Facebook page unpublished due to targeted reporting by transactivists.
  43. Historic thirty year Lesbian Breitenbush “Women in the Woods” event eradicated by Transgender Activists because “lesbianism discriminates against males” on Gender Trender
  44. Third Way Trans was scheduled to present two panels at the Philly Trans Health Conference on detransition and alternative ways to work with gender dysphoria but these workshops were then cancelled due to transactivist pressure.
  45. Julia Long and trans identified male Miranda Yardley have a talk cancelled by New Cross Learning, due to transactivist pressure.  This lead to a transactivist attacking a woman during a related event.   See video at bottom of page.
  46. Linda Bellos has been disinvited from speaking at Cambridge University after she said she would be asking questions about trans politics.
  47. Heather Brunskell-Evans, academic, was no-platformed at King’s College London after questioning the transitioning of children on Moral Maze.
  48. CBC decides not to air scheduled doc, Transgender Kids after “audience reaction” PRIOR to airing. 
  49. THE RED TENT: LOST FOREST LODGE  has withdrawn their event, The Red Tent Temple from PantheaCon due to “outraged” transactivist protesters arguing the “entire concept is offensive.”
  50. Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, rejects Jordan Peterson‘s book event.  Earlier in the week, an article voicing transactivists concerns was published in a local paper. An apology was later issued.
  51. Rose McGowan is verbally harassed by trans activist and alleged sexual predator, Andi Dier at a book reading at Barnes and Noble in New York, after which all upcoming readings were cancelled.  Seattle Arts & Lectures also cancels Rose McGowen’s talk.
  52. A group called Labour Against Transphobia creates a secret blacklist of those standing up to the “self-identification” of women.  Two women on the list have been suspended from the party so far.
  53. Peterborough and Trent U tuition funded newspaper, Arthur, unpublished an article debating the gender-neutral bathroom policy on campus because “the safety and humanity of any group of people is not up for debate.”
  54. University of Bristol students voted in favour of banning any gender critical speakers.
  55. Trans identified male, Jenn Smith’s interview with Laura-Lynn Thompson was banned from being broadcast on national TV in Canada because Jenn’s views were said to be “offensive” to trans people.
  56. Roks, the Swedish National Organization for Women’s Shelters, removed journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman from their February 20th anti-porn conference on account of her recent article questioning “gender identity.”
  57. The Nerds with Vaginas Facebook page has been unpublished at least three times by Facebook due to reports from transactivists over their name. This is despite their regular posts declaring themselves pro-trans and explaining that they, the page owners are the nerds with vaginas.
  58. Twitter now blatantly bans anyone who “misgenders” trans people or makes biology-based remarks. Oddly enough, this protection from “hate speech” does not extend to women, who are regularly threatened with rape and assault on Twitter.



  1. Laci Green doxxed for saying “tranny” years ago, even though she apologized
    Yes, THE Laci Green that liberal feminists love so much.
  2. Cathy Brennan was stalked and harassed by a group of transactivists in Olympia for refusing to say that a homosexual male could also identify as a lesbian.
  3. Several women were kicked out of a coffee shop for simply discussing Bill C-16 and the effects on the rights of women and girls.
  4. Trans Conference Celebrates Getting People Fired For Not Calling Men Women  Presenters at a conference share stories of getting coworkers fired for not respecting pronouns, and more.
  5. The #FREESPEECHBUS was blocked, egged and otherwise harassed in Philadelphia by trans activists.
  6. October Revolution Centennial Committee in Calgary decided to ban Lachy Miguel from attending a celebration on the basis of considering her a transphobe bigot.
  7. Wilfred Laurier University faculty intimidates, tries to reprimand T.A. and master’s student Lindsay Shepherd for daring to play a gender critical clip about pronouns.
  8. A Woman’s Place is on the Platform event experiences intimidation, fake ticket bookings and threats before event.
  9. Activist Helen Steel is bullied by transactivists at the London Anarchist Bookfair.
  10. Venice Allan, feminist activist, is kicked out of Labour Christmas party for making trans guests feel unsafe.
  11. Hella Vegan Eats bans anyone not falling in line with trans ideology from entering their restaurant.
  12. Hungry Hearts, a Norwegian lesbian feminist band, is attacked by transactivists after the release of their new song “Vagina Anthem“.
  13. Derrick Jensen is deplatformed, yet again, from an event at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at Eugene, OR because transactivists objected to his presence.
  14. New York Education Department staff are now required to address city transgender students using their chosen pronouns the kids prefer.
  15. At the IWD rally in Melbourne 2018, about 10- 15 radical feminists were verbally abused, had signs snatched from them.
  16. Ohio parents lose custody of their daughter after refusing to let her take hormone treatments.

There are so many open threats of violence made against trans-critical people, particularly against lesbians and/or radical feminists, that I cannot list them all. So I’ll summarize instead:

Transactivists are known to threaten to withdraw support for feminist causes/organizations if they fail to openly pledge allegiance to transgender ideology. Many such organizations are in desperate need of social support and funding, so they don’t have much of a choice except to go along with what transactivists tell them to say.
The message is clear: “Your rights are important, but validating my beliefs is more important.”

One example:



Ask ANY radical /gender critical/trans critical feminist, and they will tell you: we get deleted, harassed, banned and blocked more than anyone. Many of us have lost real-life friends over trans-critical Facebook posts or even for asking questions. It seems that transactivists patrol Facebook for the slightest hint of “transphobia” so they can pile-on and virtue-signal what a Good Trans Ally they are.
Again, there are too many examples to post here, so here are just a few examples:


Transactivists on Tumblr often make lists of alleged “TERFs” and command their followers not to engage with, or reblog anything from, people on the lists. Some examples:


The “TERF hive” commands trans allies to censor, harass, report, block and otherwise shut down trans-critical sites:

terf hive 1

This is a popular slogan in transactivists circles. Transactivists argue that their use of this slogan is okay because “they’re more oppressed than cis people.” As you can see in the picture below, it’s a very threatening slogan, especially when tattooed on the body of a male holding a baseball bat.


A favorite hashtag of transactivists. Many examples of these open threats of violence can be found on the following websites:

TERF is a SlurViolent Receipts | Violent Trans Male Witness

Here is a small sampling of the kinds of threats made against us by transactivists, taken from the 3 links above ^




See it for yourself.

Also worth considering:

These major “feminist”/women’s websites will publish pro-transgender pieces but won’t publish “transphobic” (trans-critical, gender-critical or radical feminist) pieces:

Feministing, EverydayFeminism, Jezebel, xoJane, The Frisky, Bitch Media, The Establishment, Refinery29, Bustle, Black Girl Dangerous…

Autostraddle even blatantly admits to being inclined to give trans*people more money for their writing (source)

Many trans-critical writers have had to resort to publishing on Right-wing websites just to have a platform, even though they do not sympathize, or want to associate, with the Right. (This is part of where the “radfems are conservative” stereotype comes from.)

So now the question is: