If you have ever been targeted by transactivists for questioning or challenging transgender ideology, and think your story belongs in the Banned by Trans Masterpost, submit it using the contact form below.

What I’m looking for is examples of assault, unemployment, de-platforming, unpublishing, disinvitation and event cancellation as a direct result of “offending” transactivists.

Please do not submit specific examples of general harassment, online threats, verbal abuse or blacklisting. I have way too many examples of those and cannot include them all in the Masterpost.

If I do end up using your example, I will do so in a way that is share-able and can be hyperlinked, so an article or some sort of write-up (like a blog post) is highly preferred. If you can’t provide those, your email describing your experience of censorship may be turned into screenshots.

With your submission, indicate whether you want your identifying information (name, email address, Facebook profile photo, etc.) blocked out.